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You Gave on Giving Tuesday

On Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and not many Tuesdays prior to Christmas, we asked for your support and wow, did you ever come through. Thank you.

Now I want to give something to you. My reasons for supporting KKH, why I serve on their Board of Directors, why I love volunteering for their many programs, why I love horses and what they do for humans and why we continue to need your financial support. I hope you will take a couple of minutes to absorb what your generous gifts do for those in need-horse and humans.

This is Beauty.


She is a retired due to a tendon injury. Sitting in a stall does not appeal to her. She likes to be busy. Beauty now works in a therapeutic riding program at Kali’s. She is close to unflappable, understands that our riders are fragile and LOVES the mental stimulation this low impact job provides for her. She is a key player on a healing team.

Why is this important to me personally? I am a horse owner, a horse lover. I know horses whose careers have ended at the track, as show horses or simply because of illness or disability can wind up packed into trucks

for a long haul across the border … to the slaughter house. This thought saddens me. Our equine partners deserve so much better and so do we- and I support Kali’s KlubHouse because they work to assure that this will never happen to those horses lucky enough to pass through their doors.

When you support Kali’s KlubHouse, you support horses like Beauty. Some of the horses have aged out of show careers but many of them have been rescued from difficult situations. They come requiring lots of TLC and need their own form of rehabilitation. They are fed, given veterinary care, hoof care, chiropractic visits, acupuncture and dentistry. When they are ready, they are trained in their new careers. Some, like Beauty, will carry the most fragile riders in their therapy sessions. Others will never be able to carry a rider again. These horses offer support in equine assisted learning

programs, playing games and teaching the participants patience and nurturing. Every horse has a purpose and is given the care they need and deserve.

Thankfully Beauty and other horses like her have found a new life at Kali’s KlubHouse. You can meet more of them here!

Please join me this holiday season in supporting Beauty and her equine team mates. Your generous donation of $50.00 provides feed, housing and general care for a week. Your $75.00 donation provides shoes and hoof care for 2 months and $125.00 provides vaccines for the year.

Please visit and make your gift today.

May your holiday be filled with peace, love and horses.