Once Upon a Time...

The Healing Place

One day, a sign mysteriously appeared below the Fargnoli Farms sign.  It said "The Healing Place."  


To this day, we don't know who put it there.

Our mission is to partner with horses to provide therapies
and education in support of people experiencing health, social and life challenges.

Please keep reading to learn more about our many programs and how horses lead the way to peace and healing for so many.

 A therapeutic riding program for children with physical and emotional limitations. Children with physical limitations experience the freedom to explore interesting spaces and outdoor spaces, play sports such as football and soccer. Such explorations are difficult or impossible to navigate in a wheelchair or walker but become completely accessible on the back of a horse.

iThis riding program is designed to physically strengthen specially abled riders as well as grow confidence and engage positive social behaviors in our autistic youth. 



The Victory Project

In addition to our present success implementing equine-based services with children with disabilities and teens at-risk, our organization is uniquely qualified to serve veterans. Horses are prey animals, and like those who have been to war, rely on their heightened senses for survival.  They react to and mirror the emotions of visitors directly, without words and without judgement.  Herd behavior is similar to a military unit.  Horses can teach us to be “at ease,” and being at our stable can help keep veterans socially connected.

I Walk With Horses

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March 18, 2019

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December 7, 2018

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