Let the Horse Lead the Way.

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Once Upon a Time...

The Healing Place

One day, a sign mysteriously appeared below the Fargnoli Farms sign.  It said "The Healing Place."  


To this day, we don't know who put it there.

Our mission is to partner with horses to provide therapies
and education in support of people experiencing health, social and life challenges.

Please keep reading to learn more about our many programs and how horses lead the way to peace and healing for so many.

The 7 Keys to Success program guides youth at risk in making career choices and remaining committed to their education. Utilizing the power of Equine Assisted Learning and civic engagement, we teach youth to recognize their strengths and apply them to meaningful career choices. We teach the importance of education in attaining career goals.

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I Talk With Horses

In collaboration with the department of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology at Ithaca College, we partner graduate clinicians with low or non verbal children.  Communication miracles are happening with the horse leading the way!

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 A therapeutic riding program for children with physical and emotional limitations. Children with physical limitations experience the freedom to explore interesting spaces and outdoor spaces, play sports such as football and soccer. Such explorations are difficult or impossible to navigate in a wheelchair or walker but become completely accessible on the back of a horse.

iThis riding program is designed to physically strengthen specially abled riders as well as grow confidence and engage positive social behaviors in our autistic youth. 



Our therapeutic riding programs empower our specially abled community to interact and engage with our volunteers and therapeutic treatment professionals.
Many of these children have numerous therapy sessions per week.Equine Assisted
Therapies seem more like play and the benefits are huge. While they are on horseback they are actually working their minds and their bodies

I Walk With Horses

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Show us some love! Contact us with any of your questions and to join our community for all the latest updates, news and so much more.  You can also write to us here for information on volunteering or becoming a participant in one of our programs.  Thank you <3

4041 Pennsylvania Ave Apalachin 13732

Mail to:  PO Box 160, Apalachin, NY  13732


Thank you, we are grateful for your support.

Email or Call or Text us: 607-427-3623

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